TLC Nitro

Total Life Changes is introducing a new product to their Health & Wellness line called Nitro.

TLC Nitro is looking to be a nitric oxide complex & is just being rolled out to Total Life Changes Independent Business Owners at there July Awards conference.

TLC Nitro is being added to the lineup of other popular products incluiding Iaso Tea, Instant Iaso Tea, Nutraburst & Resolution to name a few.

Nitro Total Life Changes Image

At this time I don’t believe there is an actual set release date for Nitro TLC but I will update this blog post when I get one. You can also visit to see available products, join as an IBO or purchase current TLC products.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide: quote from a popular website: “Nitric oxide¬†expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque growth and blood clotting” Now I am not a DR but if this is a true statement this will be a great addition to the TLC Family. If you have any information on benefits or side effects of TLC Nitro or Nitric Oxide in general please comment.


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