Success In Network Marketing

How long should success in network marketing take? To determine how long success should take you first need to understand that success means different things to different people. Some people’s version of success would just be to make enough money to pay for their annual fee, their product, and Company Website Maintenance fees. Others may want to simply buy their own product for themselves at a discounted rate. Success in Network Marketing for some people is the goal to make a couple hundred dollars a month extra, or just enough to make a car payment while others are looking for a supplemental income, something like $500 to $1,000 a month extra money to keep them from having to get a second job. The ultimate goal for some is a full time career.

First things first

So the first thing you need to do is determine what level of success you are looking for with your network marketing, MLM business. The second thing you need to do is set a goal to help you achieve the level of success in network marketing you are looking for. Once you set that goal you are going to break it down in reverse using action steps to help you figure it out. How long it will take you to ultimately reach your goal. Wanting to be successful by itself will not get you the success you desire, I can guarantee it.

Breaking it down with Action Steps

 You have to break it down into actions, you cannot control the results of your success but you can control the actions, which ultimately can control the success. If you’re doing the old style method of prospecting for your network marketing business like handing out cards, posting flyers, talking to people at shopping malls and inviting people to Hotel meetings then you need to break it down into action steps. How many people do I need to talk to, how many cards do I need to hand out to get x amount of prospects at a meeting. How many prospects do I need to have at a meeting to get a sign up or sell a product? This way you can kind of figure out how many action steps you need to take to create the success you desire.


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Attraction Marketing & Online Marketing

If you are using online marketing or attraction marketing which is highly recommended in this day and age (for one reason all of your competition and top earners are using this method) then you would still use similar actions or action steps to determine your success. Blog posts, videos, Facebook live, and Facebook ads.  This type of marketing is very effective if done properly to learn more about using attraction marketing read my post attraction marketing formula. How many blog posts, how many videos, how many Facebook live does it take to get the desired success you were looking for.

Success in network marketing

Success In Network Marketing

The bottom line is the amount of time it takes to become successful in network marketing, online business, affiliate marketing or even direct sales all comes down to your level of success that you are expecting, and how much time and effort you’re willing to give.

Network Marketing Success Tips

Keys and tips to rapid success in network marketing. Although there is no guarantee for any business, here are some tips to help you and your success grow at a more rapid rate.

  • Use attraction marketing, the internet or social media to jump start or Leverage your business.
  • I put this in here on how to succeed in network marketing because I had the privilege of meeting the CEO of a network marketing, direct sales company and his words were straight to the point about success in the industry and He said “Get started and don’t ever Quit” until you have reached your desired success and that honestly is the key.
  • Constantly educate yourself, buy courses, attend Live Events & find a mentor.
  • Constantly grow, constantly  learn and invest your time like you would your job.
  • Never give up. Never ever Give Up on your Dream, You deserve it, You are worth it!

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