Direct Cellars Review:

This is my unbiased Direct Cellars Review and personal opinionRecently I was approached about a “ground floor” opportunity (heard that before) called Direct Cellars Wine Club. It was promoted as Wine goes MLM. Spending a lot of time on the internet with multiple streams of income I’m always curious especially when I heard it was Wine. I have a brand called The Cocktail Envy where I do drink videos so I was interested to see how I could include this wine as an income stream.

Is This Direct Cellars Wine Club to good to be true? I was about to find out. I instantly joined Direct Cellars as a premium wine lover (PWL) for $249.99 and then spent the next few days doing a bit of research while waiting for my first shipment of 4 bottles. After doing some research I quickly upgrade my account to the $499.99 level Premium Wine Lover Elite  (PWLE) 

Direct Cellars Review

 There are a couple reasons why I instantly upgraded before ever receiving my first shipment of wine & here is the main one. I went to Google keyword planner (shows search data & keyword ideas) and typed in this search term “wine of the month club” to see how many people would actually be interested in my product. 
The results: 10,000 to 100,000 Google searches per month. That means some months up to 100,000 people type in “wine of the month club” from there phone or computer. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if legit, Direct Cellars had huge potential. So let’s break it down & do an in depth review of Direct Cellars Wine Club. 

Direct Cellars Review – In Depth Company Review About The Company:

The company was Founded in 2014 as a small wine club utilizing the internet & word of mouth to grow with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Chicago & Seattle, Direct Cellars grew quickly & with low overhead due to their word of mouth concept & not paying for advertisements like traditional sales methods, example radio, Internet ect. According to the company quote: “Direct Cellars was founded and built by friends and family!” In 2016 the company started a soft pre launch into the network marketing arena. This allowed the everyday person the opportunity to earn a residual income from sharing this premier wine club with friends & family. Wines that are hand picked by wine tasters with over 15 years experience in the Wine industry.
Direct Cellars Mission: To give you the opportunity to taste wines from all around the world conveniently shipped to your home, wines you may normally not been able to try otherwise. To deliver premium wines at below retail pricing and save you hours searching the stores for wines with there easy order process.

What Is Direct Cellars?

To recap Direct Cellars is a Wine of the month Tasting Club that is now using the mlm (multi level marketing), Network Marketing sales model. The official launch is set for the end of February 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada with an official launch party called Uncorked

Direct Cellars Products:

Wine is the product offered and I instantly liked the idea of such a simple & fun product so here is how it works. There are two product options that are setup on an autoship that you can easily cancel anytime with no contract.
2 bottles per month for $49.99 
4 bottles per month for $79.99
Instantly my first concern was Shipping & Tax, I have been involved with other companies that charge a ton to ship a small bottle of vitamins. I soon found out that the Direct Cellars Wine Club Pricing included shipping & tax so for example if you order a 4 bottle per month autoship your price is $79.99 & that’s what comes out of your account every month. There is a one time $20 activation fee as a new customer that covers an online access portal where you can login anytime & change or cancel your autoship or wine selection. Your options are all red wines, all white wines or half & half. Very simple product with good pricing and great value with shipping and tax covered A+ and one of my favorite things of this Direct Cellars Review.
Note: please keep in mind you cannot choose the Wine you receive only reds or whites, the rest is done by the experts. This is a Wine tasting club; however, if you are ever unhappy with your bottle of wine you will receive full credit for something different.
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Direct Cellars Refer 3 and yours is Free:

Another really cool thing is the refer 3 customers and your wine is Free. Here is how it works, if you are an active customer or representative  (active autoship  $49 or $79) and you refer 3 people your wine is Free as long as you & 3 others are active. So this means that You & 3 of your referrals must have an active autoship, any time that happens your wine is Free that month.
Question: what if you are on the $79 4 bottle autoship & the 3 you refer are only on the 2 bottle per month autoship?
Answer: your wine is still free that month. I does not matter which plan they are on, only that you & 3 others are active.
This is actually one of the coolest things about Direct Cellars, the focus on letting simple customers enjoy the benefits if they have no interest in becoming a distributor. 

Direct Cellars Review – Compensation Plan Overview Part 1: 

There are multiple ways to earn money let’s first go over the fast start bonus pay.
Fast Start bonus pay: You have the potential to earn $125 to $250 one time fast start bonus for enrolling new distributors in Direct Cellars depending on the level they join.
 There are currently to options to join Direct Cellars:
Option 1 Premium Wine Lover Elite (PWLE)$499.99
Option 2 Premium Wine Lover $249.99 (PWL)
The enrollment of a New PWLE pays out a fast start bonus of $250 and the enrollment of a PWL pays out a fast start bonus of $125. To understand the most up to date difference between the two visit my corporate Direct Cellars Site.
Compensation Plan Overview part 2: Learn More Here
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