Create Your Own Blog


Create your own blog with no previous experience & no special skills required. I will show you 3 different options to create your own blog on any budget.

-Your Blog– Resources

MLSP– (Recommended) MLSP is a complete marketing system & community + more. My whole operation is run thru MLSP all in one location. My Blog, CRM (customer relationship manager) Sales Funnels (lead capture pages) Training & much much more. Learn more about MLSP & special bonuses I offer on my blog (created by MLSP) MY MLSP

Free Blog– You can start a free blog thru blogger or WordPress free; however, I highly do not recommend this. There are many limitations, you don’t technically own the content & I have heard of people having there blog shutdown & deleted. For the inexpensive price of your own hosted blog there is no reason to skimp on the most important piece of your marketing. Please Do Not Do This unless its just for recreation.
Hosted Blog- (minimum) If you are on a tight budget, this is a great way to start. You simply chose a hosting plan (approx. $10 per month) chose a domain name (ex. or use an exist- ing one you already own. Install WordPress & build your site. To help you in this process I have actually created a mobile responsive blog on video from start to finish to teach you how to do this and save you tons of money paying someone to build it. I also have a coupon code for you to start your blog today for 1 Penny

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