Attraction Marketing Systems

How to choose the best Attraction Marketing System, when it comes to choosing between attraction Marketing Systems we first need to know and understand what is an attraction Marketing System and what business or who are the most suitable to be used for.  In this blog post we are going to go over the key elements of choosing an attraction Marketing System and who would most likely benefit from using that system.

So before we go in depth with this information one key element in choosing your system would be to ask the question how long have they been around in this day and age there are so many Fly by Night so-called systems to make quick money fake systems that promise you 100% autopilot profits and so on so the first element you need to look for in an attraction Marketing System is how long have they been around I recommend a minimum of 5 years 5 years means that the particular system is obviously legitimate has all the key features one is looking for and has stand the test of time anything over 5 years consistently on the internet is a really really good thing..


now I’m by narrowing down your criteria in choosing a system by how long they have been around you honestly eliminate most systems there’s only one full fledged attraction Marketing System that I know about that has been going on for over 5 years actually at the time of this post well over 8 years that has all of the features I’m going to talk about and that is my lead system Pro the good thing is you can take a $10 100% risk-free trial of the system and see for yourself if it’s right for you. So what to talk about first who would an attraction Marketing System be best suited for well honestly anyone who is in some kind of business or sales could benefit from using attraction Marketing Systems Realtors lenders home business owners multi-level marketing Representatives, direct sales associates entrepreneurs  business coaches  social media coaches and especially people in the network marketing industry. Currently people in the network marketing direct sales and multi-level marketing Industries including also life coaches digital software Developers Andy book writers are the most popular candidates using these systems.

attraction marketing systems

Attraction Marketing Systems Definition:

Attraction system used to help the attraction marketing process. Generally an attraction Marketing System consists of a blogging platform, lead capture pages, a custom relationship manager & custom email autoresponder integration. MLSP attraction system comes with an optional affiliate program, 100% pure profit products & a community of over 20,000 entrepreneurs.

So what should you look for when choosing between attraction Marketing Systems?

  1.   like I touched on before is simply how long have they been around
  2.  do they come with a Blog platform now I’m not talking about just any blog platform I’m talking about a WordPress platform with do they come with a do they come with a blog platform now I’m do they come with a blog platform now I’m not do they come with a blog platform now I’m not talking about just any blog platform I’m talking about a Word Press platform with high and secured hosting some systems in the past that failed and didn’t stand the test of time only offered cookie cutter pages that you could link articles to to trick the search engines and a shared blogging platform that you could not attach your domain name to and really only help grow that particular companies reach so you want to be able to build your own WordPress blog on their hosting and that should be included with the price.
  3.  lead capture pages lead capture pages are extremely important and dont always come with different attraction marketing systems and you want to be able to design your own from a blank canvas and also use different templates that can be modified another key element is pre-built lead capture pages that lead to done for you offers.
  4. Customer relationship manager also known as CRM although this may not be the most fun part open attraction Marketing System this CRM is hands down one of the most important features that you can have good customer relationship managers can run hundreds of dollars a month by themselves. The CRM enables a specified spot for all of your needs to be entered into automatically it enables you to put labels and categories to track where the leaves come from you can leave notes about your prospect schedule reminders still their contact information and so much more.
  5. Email autoresponder you will want your attraction Marketing System to come with a basic email autoresponder now I highly recommend using your own email autoresponder like aweber which you can take a free trial here then they are fairly inexpensive hundred twenty bucks a month, however it’s important and a good feature for the system to come with a basic email autoresponder and pre written emails
  1. lead magnets heartbeat of a successful driving business is building your subscriber list and audience that consist of giving away value and training in return for an email address a good system will have great training products that you can give away for free in return for an email address so that you can start building your list. Once you start building your list with these free giveaways you can then start working on your own products to give away or sell comma ebooks video trainings ect.
  2. pure profit products. One of the most expensive parts of running a network marketing or multi-level marketing / direct sales business is spending the money each month four products or services comma website fees annual renewal fees advertising and so on. To offset these costs you want to have 100% pure profit products these are products that are already done for you comma they coincide with your specific niche & range from about $5 to $1500 in commissions for you. These would have rebuilt sales pages email follow-up series top 10 Farms accepted but can also be used with your own optin pages and funnels as well. Examples would be like a $5 Instagram training ra $29 YouTube video training all the way up to selling certified coaching event tickets and more
  3. this may be one of the most important features and that is support good for you and your business, ongoing training for you and your clients in the form of ongoing training webinars motivational podcast and Daily Calls. Live events, mastermind retreats facebook groups ect
  4. your attraction Marketing system must have all of the mentioned features but still must be easy to use with very little technical skills. Step by step training videos & live training to get you up & running as well as optional certified coaching programs to get you on the fast track to success with your busines
  5. cost if you separately piece all of these things together you could easily spend $500 to $1000 per month with the grueling task if connecting everything together flawlessly. In my opinion if you can get all of that under one roof for under $250 it would be a steal. $150 per month is what you should be looking for, that’s approximately  $5 per day. Anyone can cut out a pack of cigarettes or a couple red Bulls or Starbucks Coffee drinks per day & pay for an attraction Marketing System at the $150 per month price point. You also want an annual option where you can pay for the full year and save hundreds of dollars.

Attraction Marketing Systems

So let’s recap a little Who is currently using attraction Marketing Systems? Almost every mlm top producer, the people you see walking the stage at your company events & wondering how they do it, how they get the big checks, almost all are using some kind of attraction Marketing & system. The competition is already one or two steps ahead of you & they are using these systems.

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